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Canola vs Palm Oil: what’s best for your health?

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Ever wondered why there’s a huge buzz and unhealthy tag around palm oil and do you know why cold-pressed oils are celebrated in the kitchen? Before going with the flow, why don’t we take a minute to understand that logic and science behind these statements and suggestions?

Cold-pressed oils are preferred by health-conscious people for obvious reasons ranging from nutritious concentration in the oil to being the natural resource of good fats. They are obtained by physically crushing the plant seeds to retain the flavors and nutrients for the finest quality oil. With less saturated bad fats than other oils and a higher concentration of monounsaturated healthy fats, this process maintains the flavor and nutrients for the oil’s optimum quality. The latter also ignites the ongoing debate on the goodness of canola oil over palm oil. JIVO Wellness is a trusted leading brand in the industry offering canola based cold-pressed oil in the market. Let’s have a deeper understanding of how Canola oil helps in maintaining good health when compared to palm oil.

Canola oil

As the demand for healthy cooking oil rises, people’s knowledge of wellbeing also rises. The vegetable based canola oil is perfect for preparing a variety of healthy dishes, both at home and in a restaurant for its affordability and versatility. 

Benefits of canola oil:

Heart- friendly: Along with healthy unsaturated lipids, canola oil also contains alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and omega-3 fatty acids,ranking after flaxseed oil and other commonly ingested oils.  Canola oils are a crucial to be included to your diet as your body cannot produce ALA. Studies have also indicated that ALA can protect the heart from getting affected by blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and inflammation.

Aids to weight loss: Canola oil consumption can also aid in weight loss and lower the chance of developing heart disease and other ailments. The antioxidant properties of canola oil burns excess fat and is indeed your weight loss partner.

Enhances memory: Canola oil definitely your healthiest option available since it includes both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It also has a rich DHA source which enhances memory greatly and fights memory loss. Its low fat and trans fat saturation nature helps in reducing cholesterol. Canola oil contains saturated fats by 7 percent, which in turn effectively lowers cholesterol levels and prevents damage to the synapses to boost your memory. 

Effective on cancer

Vitamin E and other antioxidants found in canola oil are particularly beneficial against fighting and preventing cancer. Healthy cells transform into malignant cells as a result of the damaging free radicals. Vitamin E contained in canola oil significantly lowers the risk of cancer. Further it aids in the treatment of cancer by reducing the proliferation and spread of cancer cells that have already been impacted.

Palm oil

Palm oils are used in a lot of packaged foods and also in cosmetic products. It might be quite surprising to not that in some parts of the world, the same is utilized as a biofuel. The ability of farmers to obtain fairly high yields from oil palm agriculture and palm oil manufacturing is a significant benefit. The  tasteless and almost no flavor property of the oil makes it likely to be added in many meals without altering the real flavor. Whether palm oil is a healthy choice is however a topic that is frequently discussed among scientists. why?

Triggers heart diseases: The saturated fatty acids contained in the palm oil, makes it an unhealthy choice for our health. These acids have a reputation for being fairly harmful to human health as it can result in cardiac issues. A diet high in saturated fats can increase your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Too much consumption of the same can cause detrimental consequences on your health.

Raises cholesterol: Triglycerides, which make up 50% of palm oil, are known to raise the risk of heart attack and stroke. Regular palm oil consumption thickens and hardens the arteries, thereby increasing the risk of heart disease. Increasing and decreasing effects of cholesterol due to palm oil consumption is still an on-going debate among scientists.

By avoiding palm oil to a greater extent from your diet, you are moving a step closer in achieving your  ideal health. Healthier and environment friendly alternatives to palm oil do exist and olive oil, canola oil and avocado oil are few among them. JIVO Wellness has a cold-pressed canola oil collection which is nutritious and great for the holistic health of your entire family. JIVO’s largest network of retailers, distributors, and extensive e-commerce network in the healthy sector are supported by an experienced and dedicated team of committed professionals and employees. 


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