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Jivo A2 Ghee is Free from pesticides and chemicals. It has a very pleasant aroma
and flavour. The process of extracting the A2 Ghee involves boiling raw, unprocessed cow
milk and then, converting it to curd in a clay pot. Furthermore, the curd is hand-churned
(from the boiled milk) to help retain the nutrients. The final step is separating the butter to
form the ghee. Regular consumption of A2 ghee helps to reduce cholesterol, improves the
heart's functioning and reduces joint pain. It also has external healing properties. This can
be used to smoothen your skin and helps heal the skin from sunburns. This is a good

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Reduces Joint Pain
Home Remedy For Cracked Heels
Facilitates Digestion
Immunity Booster
Helps in weight Management
Nourishes Skin, Hair and Scalp
Lip and Balm Natural moisturizer
Promote Metabolism
Remove Dark Circles

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