Chef Surjan Singh Jolly, Spins His Magic!

Jivo Wellness

Culinary enthusiasts, food bloggers and lovers watched Chef Surjan Singh (popularly known as Chef Jolly), F&B Director, JW Marriott Bengaluru, spin his magic at the first Canola Cook-off sponsored by CanolaInfo. He demonstrated how well canola oil works with Indian cuisine.

Chef Jolly made three fried dishes: Rajmah Naeyojae tey Khoye di tikka (pan-fried and grilled red kidney beans with khoya milk cake patty), Khada Desi Palak (stir-fried baby spinach) and Mirch Khilma Achar (deep-fried Tandoor roasted chicken). Then he offered participants four recipes fresh from his latest repertoire: Phool broccoli, Chownk ki tikki, matar, Gilawat Ulta Tawa and Murgh Ambada Seekh – all cooked in canola oil to show its versatility in the kitchen.

“Canola oil is one of the friendliest and versatile cooking oil which you can use for all types of food,” said Chef Jolly adding, “It is great for deep-frying so your dishes turn out golden in color and fried to perfection. Canola oil is also great for baking because it substitutes very well for butter making both sweet and savoury baked dishes lighter, with less total and saturated fat. Moreover, canola oil makes the best possible salad dressings and marinades. Its neutral taste allows the flavours of other ingredients to shine in every dish.”

“Canola oil’s growing acceptance reflects the Indian consumers’ desire to make healthier choices for all food items including oil,” notes Bruce Jowett, VP – Market Development, Canola Council of Canada. “Canola oil has the added advantage of suiting Indian cooking styles because it preserves the traditional taste of dishes and makes them healthier for the heart. And events such as this Canola Cook-off are a great way to spread this awareness.


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