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To serve the world/nation and make accessible a multiple range of healthy products at economical prices, simultaneously addressing critical health problems in our society.


To nurture and communicate healthy solutions for a thriving economy by contributing back to the society, while upholding the values of righteousness, integrity, equality, secularism and care towards humanity


By integrating expertise and skills to

strong Innovate products which make life a healthier place

Having taken the first step from the vision of Baru Sahib, we believe in imparting quality education and healthcare facilities in rural areas.

Our business model sets us apart from other businesses because we base our achievements on the progress of the society rather than our personal profits. We believe in giving back to the society instead of concentrating on our accomplishments.

Jivo Wellness is currently India’s leading Canola marketing company born from the vision of Baba Iqbal Singh, President of Kalgidhar Trust. Specializing in Agricultural Sciences, the chief protagonist of the company, is an active advocate of world peace and education. He believes that eating healthy is the first step to leading a balanced life with peace of mind and enhanced mental concentration.

The word “Jivo” is derived from 

His journey in pursuit of healthy eating alternatives began on one of his visits abroad when he identified the Canola seed as the best possible source of Omega-3. His specialization in Agricultural Sciences had given him enough knowledge about essential nutrients and active ingredients, and he knew that Omega-3 was a very robust ingredient for the heart. With the help of the Canola Council of Canada, he brought Canola oil to India under the trade name ‘JIVO’ to bring about a revolution in healthy cooking oils. Today, JIVO boasts a wide range of Omega-3 enriched products for different strata of the Indian population, its philosophy being Wellbeing Always”. With realizing the requirement of health products in changing times, Jivo diversified into other ranges of healthy oils like mustard, and olive oil. Through our immense research into the superfoods, we found the caliber in underestimated wheatgrass. Hence, we made an effort to bring to our audiences their daily dose of health supplement into the format of wheatgrass drinks and capsules.

In order to spread the message of health and wellbeing in society, JIVO actively contributes its profits for value-based education, healthcare, and social welfare for the underprivileged rural population