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JIVO Wellness was born out of the vision of Baba Iqbal Singh, President of Kalgidhar Trust and an Agricultural Scientist. When he retired from his career in the agricultural sciences, he had only one dream – to introduce and spread the concept of ‘Real Education’ throughout India. This led him to launch Akal Academies, which teaches the concepts of world peace and love to its students. Starting with just 5 students in 1986, today there are 65,000+ students studying in 129 schools and 3 universities throughout northern India.

Baba Iqbal Singh has always been aware that true education and mental concentration is possible only when the student has a healthy mind and body. Thus, he ventured into the field of healthcare and began to look for healthy alternatives to current unhealthy food options. His background in agricultural sciences and one of his international visits helped him make the connection between a healthy diet, Omega-3, and Canola oil.

Therefore, in September 2010 by establishing its first State of Art rotary EOP plant with a production capacity of over 1000 metric tonnes per month in Kundli, Haryana. The plant was inaugurated by Mr Gerry.Ritz (Agriculture minister of Canada) with an idea to serve humanity & to change the country’s nutritional attributes by introducing canola oil as a mother nature’s gift to mankind in India.

This led him to embark on the journey of finding the health benefits of Canola oil for cooking. As he delved deeper, he found that oil from the Canola seed provided important benefits to every part of the body in addition to imparting a wonderful flavor to the food. Thus, he launched the brand JIVO Wellness, which started with Canola oil and now has several health products such as Wheatgrass supplements, olive oil, and mustard oil.