10Pcs Jeera Wheatgrass Drink

275ml per bottle

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World’s First Super Tasty Cold Drink From Healthy Wheatgrass Juice. The drink contains a 60ml shot of cold-pressed wheatgrass juice Which is equivalent to the nutritional value of 4kgs of vegetables for your healthy diet. Given the high concentration of chlorophyll, this drink is a uniquely green amongst other green juices with detoxifying, healing and strengthening properties. Grown in our own fields in the Himalayas, Jivo blends the greens with the unparalleled fresh flavors for your taste buds. Transform your body by giving it a healthy alternative beverage, no less than a liquid sunshine, Jivo wheatgrass juice. Empowered with detoxifying, healing and strengthening properties, this wholesome drink improves immunity and bestows vitality.

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