No Evidence that CANOLA OIL harms HUMANS – FSSAI 26/09/2019 – Posted in: Lifestyle

Studies and Reports highlighting the damages of Canola Oil are not new. Competitors have been trying to JEOPARDIZE the Canola Market, ever since it has earned a distinguished position in the Oil Category.
Does Canola Oil really deplete the memory and lead to increase in weight or such MYTHS are just an outcome of INTER-ECONOMY & INTRA CATEGORY CLASH, wherein the threat and competition that Canola Oil has brought to various Oil Categories has forced them to publish various articles or blogs on THE GENESIS and ADVERSE EFFECTS of Canola Oil, but lacking SCIENTIFIC PROOFS.


To explain the genesis of Canola Oil, it has been derived from the acronym

CANadian – CAN
Oil – O
Low – L
Acid – A, Canada’s Oil in Low Acid.

CANOLA OIL has been ranked as the Largest Consuming Oil in NORTH AMERICA, JAPAN, MEXICO, AND AUSTRALIA, due to its numerous health benefits; being clearly visible from the fact that the Life Expectancy Rate in these nations is much higher in comparison to other nations.
Please find some SUPPORTIVE STUDIES in the attached link highlighting the advantages of Canola Oil and its support in various diseases related to Human Health.

  • Well, various well-renowned Experts and Institutions namely AIIMS and  SAFDARJUNG HOSPITAL have FALSIFIED the above claims and put their STAMP and SEAL on the health benefits of consuming Canola Oil.

  • Another Well-Renowned Indian Hospital, namely FORTIS has claimed that CANOLA IS BENEFICIAL FOR TYPE TWO DIABETES.

  • ON THE INTERNATIONAL FORUM, Food Development Authority of the United States(USFDA) has conducted studies claiming: CONSUMING 1.5 TABLESPOONS OF CANOLA OIL RAW EVERYDAY IN YOUR DIET HELPS REDUCE THE RISK OF CORONARY HEART DISEASES. This is because of the high content of unsaturated fats, also known as Good Fats in Canola Oil.

  • US Canola Association and other bodies have also claimed that One serving of Canola Oil daily, enriches your body with 16 percent of VITAMIN E and reduces the risk of CORONARY HEART DISEASES.
    For more details, please visit the link below:

  • In reducing Cancer causing cells AND We not only SAY but PROVE!!.

A link has been attached wherein studies have claimed that Canola is helpful in inhibiting Cancer causing cells.