– Low Saturated Fats
– No Erucic Acid
– No Cholesterol
– MUFA Rich Oil
– Great for Pickle
– Great for Hair Health

India’s First Low Erucic Acid Sarso Ka Tel.

Jivo Kachi Ghani Mustard oil is full of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA). Contain Low Saturated Fats. From Australian Fields, Jivo Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil, Being pure retains its natural properties and mustard oil benefits.

It has a unique quality as it is Low un Erucic Acid. Mustard oil in your regular diet could prove to be beneficial to your heart health. Mustard oil has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Its external, as well as internal usage, is said to help in multiple ways to fight against infections, includ- ing digestive tract infections.

Mustard oil, because of its anti-microbial properties, it is used as a preservative for pickles. Mustard oil has oleic acid and linoleic acid which are essential fatty acids that make it a good hair tonic. Hair massage with this oil is said to increase blood circulation and promote hair growth

Mustard oil is a popular cooking medium in Indian kitchens. If we look back, we will see mustard oil as the only cooking option available in many Indian households. From making delicious food to curing numerous diseases, it has been used as an effective option for many years.

It is intricately interwoven with Indian culture and Indians use this oil also to illuminate diyas during many rituals. Kachchi ghani refers to cold press extraction process for taking out oil from seeds. In this process, seeds are crushed at low temperature so natural properties, antioxidants and
essential oils are retained in the oil

Mustard oil is very effective in curing cold, cough,body pains and aches, congestion caused by cold, headache and its massage is good for muscular growth. When gums are massaged with mustard oil it strengthens them and also protects them from decay.